Submit Your Indian Girlfriend

Hey guys, if you have any indian ex girlfriends, and/or a current indian , muslim or arabic girlfriend then please submit her sexy photos to! We would highly appreciate it, and you’re girl would get a lot of instant super fans by us guys here!

Also, for those of you girl readers here, show off your sexy hot body and submit your own personal pics!!!

webmaster AT

EDIT: PLEASE do NOT submit pictures if you are going to request we remove them! Please please please, DO NOT submit them!!!! It’s wasting our time, our surfers time, and even your own time, so only submit your nude indian girlfriends, or ex gfs pics, if you don’t plan to request removals. Thank you!

283 thoughts on “Submit Your Indian Girlfriend”

  1. We’ve gotten some great submissions so far, please keep them coming!

    Submit your hot indian girlfriends!!! Don’t hold back!

        1. I have sent you my girl friends pics. Can you please upload them as soon as possible. I am waiting for the dirty comments.

    1. Hey man
      Actually dis is bout that girl tejaswini
      she is a frnd of mine n sum1 has made her pose for the pics
      Ijust neede th id of the person or of the girl who posted it.
      im relli serious man
      its a matter of her lyf!
      please help me out! 🙁
      this is not a prank!
      send me the id on my mail account
      nobody’s pointin fingers on yor website

    2. रुद्र प्रताप सिंघ "राजा जी" says:

      हमने webmaster at nnboard पर फोटोस सेंड कर दी है..कृपया उसको अपनी साइट पर अपलोड करे.
      रुद्र प्रताप सिंघ “राजा जी”

    3. ”admin, i already sent u my girl pic yesterday. Named my girl shona 4rm hyderabad. Bt still i dnt found it on ur site. Whn will u upload her pic?” –

  2. more more! If you guys have nude indian girls pics, send them in!!! We are ready to put them live on this site TODAY 🙂

  3. and yah can i see the hits on pics? like youtube? can if i later want to delete them if she finds out how can i do it thanks

  4. Hi Khan, you can submit your gfs pictures by sending to the email listed here on this page. You won’t be able to see how many hits are on the page, best thing to do is to come back checking the comments from all the surfers/users that come to Real Indian Gfs site.

    If you email me the pics, I can upload them, and if you wanted to delete them, I would be the one to delete them too. Just let me know, if you still want to submit your indian girlfriends pics 🙂

    (I’m hoping you do!!! I would love to see her, and rate her)

    1. I have pics of my indian guju girlfriend but im not sure if you want to put them up she is legal and all but wanted to see if you approve first so i will e-mail them now

  5. Goyal, please send your indian girlfriends pictures to webmaster AT nnboard dot com email address, and we’ll post her pictures here 🙂


  6. hello, i from USA….i am single and 47,, i am such a bed and ugly man , no one like and no one love, and even no one like to talk with me too, i am such a depress man, i need atleast one nice beautiful friend to bring happiness in my life , i like to love any lady even they are like me , can any one there to like my friendship pls let me know..thanks… email……. …..Sam

  7. Rahul yes it’s fine, just send your indian girlfriends pictures to the email webmaster at nnboard dot com, and I’ll add them, and if you want them deleted/removed let me know and i’ll remove them asap too 🙂

    1. neha ap ki pics upload ho chuki hai…ap is number par contact kar k apna password sun le jie then go on side nd type there

    2. I have also Very sexy and hot pics of mine which is full nude. Pl send me your pics I’ll also send you my nude pics wihh my dick.

  8. Neha, you can send email with your pictures attached to webmaster at nnboard dot com

    Then I will post your pictures and send to your email when the pics are posted here on Real Indian Gfs site 🙂

    1. Hi Lissa please email your photos with general information about the pics, girls, etc to webmaster at nnboard dot com
      Thank you

      1. Hye admin i m swetha frnd yestarday she only sent her nec pic. So i liked that sea in this site.but today also i have sent her nec pic . Plz tel me frnd when u upload that pic. Any how u r givin good entertainment 2 all guys. So thank u dear frnd

  9. hey i want to submit some pics of a girl, but they are not naked thou.. so is it possible. if yes whats the minimum number of pics u need. kindly mail me

    1. Hi Lynda, sure you can email me your pictures of the girls, they don’t need to be naked, but the more sexy the better hehe. The more pics the better too, but even just a few good pictures is fine too. Thank you

  10. Hey I sent you some pics…they are non-nude. How long does it usually take to put them up?
    I just want everyone to see the pics thats all xD

  11. I’v been trying to email you some really hot & sexy Indian pierced pussy pics but having problems with the address. Can you make this a bit easier for me. You won’t be disappointed……. (~.*,)

  12. Hi i sent an email to you of my guju gf , not sure if you would be interested in seeing her pics. let me know if they r good enough and what u think

    1. hi jay
      intrested to see ur gujju gf.
      My gujju wife is a busty lady.
      pl send ur gf pic / vid on RajuRajkot22@@gmail .com

    1. Bbaa sorry for the late reply… your nude indian girl pics (the girl nude in the shower), will go live on Real Indian Gfs on Saturday January 28, 2012.

      I hope that is ok with you 🙂 check back that day to see them.

      Thank you!

    1. Sameer, can you please just email the pictures to me webmaster at, i can upload them to this site…. if you want them removed I can remove them just email me (But please try let us keep them online 🙂 pls pls)
      Thank you Sameer

    1. Raj, i’m adding your girls hottie pics right now…. they will go live on this site on Feb1
      Your pics are HOT! Some of the best pic submissions of this year 2012 for sure, thanks Raj 🙂

    1. Thank you Ravi, is there any suggestions you have that could make Real Indian Gfs site better? you can email me, i’d love to hear 🙂

    1. Can you please email me at webmaster AT you can send the files 1 by 1 or you can zip the naked pics and upload in email, then send to me 🙂

  13. hi when i sending all pic to webmaster AT….cant send yr …telling me this site was not regonised why? plse tell me ..i want my sexy pic here plseeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. sorry yr nw all pic is sending to u ok plse when u publise tell me plse ccccccc all my pic ok check all my pic plse informed ………………………… i hv posted my pic hope u will publishme……………………………………

      1. Hi, i will add your pictures in 3 days 🙂
        I will send you email when they are posted on front page of Real Indian Gfs dot com 🙂
        Thank you Rosmitaboss!

    1. The pictures don’t need to be naked, if nude is better, but if you have pictures of a sexy indian ex girlfriend or girls, then please submit 🙂

  14. I have submitted my Assamese gf’s sexy pictures on 2/3/2012 to ID webmaster AT . But not been posted yet. is this id working? Plz confirm whether you have received those or not.
    Plz post those in the front page of Real Indian GF.

    1. Deep, I’m sorry I have not replied yet, i will post your gfs pics and will reply to your email very soon

      I’ve been on vacation so I’m a little bit slowly lately, please understand

      I will reply your email tell you when your hot indian girlfriends pics are online here on Real Indian Gfs 🙂

    1. Pooja, your pics have been posted today 🙂

      …and to everyone else who sends pictures, please be patient…. I have to sort the pictures, download them, organize them, upload them, and write descriptions for each and every set of pics…. it takes some time, because I do this alone…. please be patient, please ok?

      Thank you 🙂

    1. Hey RajuRajkot, sure we can post her sexy indian boobs video, please email the video to webmaster at

      Thank you 🙂

    1. Raju, you can go into your email, click “attach” and then find your vids/pics on your computer then click “open” to upload them and attach to your email, then send email to me: webmaster AT

      Thank you 🙂

        1. Ok thank you Raju, I don’t see the email and vid in my inbox yet, I’ll wait a while, maybe it takes time to show up.

          I’ll let you know if I receive your email 🙂

    1. Did you received the pics I sent….. Could you please let me know when are you going to post them…….


  15. Hi
    I just uploaded my semi nude pics, pls let me know when can i see them.
    U know everybody gets curious

  16. Hi i am looking for a smart and handsome boy friend.Call me or SMS me at 00923125041346. And for Pakistani clients: o3125041346. Love. Tania.

    1. Vineet, you can upload your pictures and email to me at:
      webmaster at
      And I will add your pictures.

      Thank you

  17. can u also tell me where is the pic uploded i mean on the front page or in which category, where will i see it

  18. Thanks a ton for uploading my pics
    Its so nice to myself here
    I will post a lot more pics in a day or 2
    Be sure to post them early as well

    1. Tejaswini, you are very welcome, if you send me pics I will do my best to add them quickly

      …and if I’m slow, that means my gf is around and I have to be discreet LOL 🙂 I LOVE YOUR PICS Tejaswini

  19. Hi
    Check out my latest upload
    and pls can u tell me is there any limit to upload pics
    I mean i am uploading pics almost daily
    So is that ok
    And thanks for being so nice to post pics really quick

  20. Hi admin
    This is a hot saree shoot for u
    Hope to see it soon
    PS U still didnt replied is there a limit to post pics ?????????

  21. Hi admin
    Thanks once again to post the pics in saree
    I think u still have some pics left with u (those in blue top uploded on April 19th)
    No just like that
    Its up to u to post them or not,,,,,,
    I just had a request can u remove those 2 pics that are in jeans (1st upload) with pink bra & panty
    Its up to u totally
    Only that those 2 pics doesnt match the folio thats what i feel
    But for god sake please do reply

    1. Hi, sorry I was travelling in Vietnam, I’ll get back to updating more new pics from all these new submissions very soon.

  22. (those in blue top and purple panty)
    (12 pics)
    U have uploded 2 of them
    Just curious to know have u recieve them all
    Not forcing anyhow to post them

  23. Hi admin
    I just uploaded a couple of my non nude stills.
    Just wana see if u people find me hot and happening in clothes too.

    PS – There is a little request If u find them to be uploaded please upload them separately.

    1. Ok, I’ll check that email after I wakeup from nap, had a longggggggggggggggg night of party last night hehe. Thanks. Mwah

    1. Yes, hi Tejaswini, honey bunny, I uploaded your newest pictures just now, today 🙂 I hope you like, I don’t like, I LOVE!

  24. Y. Sir have u forget 2 upload my pic. I have sent my nude pic 4 days back .stil u nt uploadee .y. . ?

  25. Hi Admin
    I mailed you some non-nude self shots of my gorgeous indian babe. Will u kindly upload? Would love to see what the audiences think of her. If they appreciate fine indian beauty!
    Keep me posted dude!
    TC – ShaMan

    1. Hi ShaMan, I received your sexy pictures and I will upload and post them tomorrow 🙂
      I promise!

  26. hi, Will i get paid if i submit my nude photos? if so how much? i have a curvy tan body.
    i can post shaved and without
    tell me how much i am getting paid for this please

  27. Hi Admin

    I sent u a mail two days back with an urgent request 🙁 but u have not helped me.

    Pls respond or process my request!!

    I would like an answer from you

    TC – ShaMan

  28. ATTENTION: please do not submit pictures if you think in the soon future these pictures need to be removed.

    I spend more time removing pictures now, which gives me not enough time now to continue adding new submitted sexy pics, so please to those of you, please do not submit if you cannot accept these pictures staying online.

    Thank you

    1. hey admin..
      i have a request for you.
      please remove the picts of 28 may, 2012 submitted by some motherfucking asshole. i have made a complaint in cyber crime against him. bt they are nt helping me out. Now its very difficult for me to survive. Please remove the link as early as possible or there is no other option left for me except for commiting sucide. Please help me out.

  29. Hi man actually this is relate to that girl tejaswini
    actually she is a frnd of mine n she has been made to pose for the pics
    i st need u to tell me the id from which they were uploaded…..this is not a prank man
    I u feel so, just send me yor email id n ill send u my fone no.
    plese help me out man…

    Its a matter of her lyf

  30. Dear Admin I had mail u some picture of my friend on 28 june 2012, I want to know that ur going to post the pic or not plz tell me Thanks.

  31. I sent u my fotos will u upload hem or not … if ntoe at least tell me .. so that i dont i have chck ur site daily…:(

  32. hello there,
    i visited your site,and honestlly it is really something for everyon.
    i want to submit my ex-gf pics,let me know where i can upload pics.

  33. hi there,
    i visited your site,really there is something for everyone.
    i want to submit my ex-gf pics,,,so plz tell me what is the procedger,how i can upload the pics?

  34. I want uploud my nude sexy pics, i have a very sexy bigboobs, & my pussy so wet every time, i want uploud my pics & video, plz tell me u can py any amount fr me, plz tell me admin

  35. Dear Admin bhai.. I mailed the Pictures on september15. It’s already october7. When r u going to post them. Second thing. I have some more steamy self clicked pictures. Only if u post the previous ones. I’ll be posting them.

  36. Hey admin,

    I have this long time girlfriend. Recently we thought of getting a little kinky and posting her nude photos that she sends me on Viber and whatsapp. I would like a lot of reviews from the guys here. I want to get her really excited with these reviews.i guess you know why.the thing is I want to make sure that this is a good site to do that.and will I be able to know when her photos come online and the comments they recieve? I assure you that I will be able to send more photos if it works out.

    1. Hey Raj, sure you can submit your indian gfs pics, we’ll post them as soon as we can get free. Thank you, I’m looking forward to seeing her! 🙂

  37. Dear admin I have send some pics but you have not posted yet can you piz tell me you are going to post it when ? does your email id for sending pics has changed ?

  38. Hi ple send u r mail I’d I’m send my wife nude images I’m send this email I’d not vaillid webmaster AT
    Ple rep mail me Thanq

  39. hi

    i was sent u my nxt set of pics (Submitted pics of HUGE boobs indian girl posted in 12 july ) almost two month back. but till date u did not uploaded it.

    plz inform the reason

  40. hey admin when are you going to uploas pics i sent u..u said today 3 days back…plz reply at least..and check your email id..i think you would be interested in reading those mails..thnkq..

    1. Where do you see that i have a yahoo email?
      Look at top of this page, my email address is there 🙂 please just email to that email addy.

      And pls be patient, I’m really getting a LOT of sexy indian girl submissions and will try to be as quick as possible to get your pictures posted here on RealIndianGFs com

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