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  1. I believe the same way. My grandfather and I are very close like brothers, my grandparents brought me up on moral values, I love them a lot they married for 50 years 1950-2000 until my grandma laid to rest. my grandfather 87 is only grandparent alive. Most people today don’t know how to endure hard times in life. One thing I remember is “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” not outside, the true spirit comes from within the heart. I am 34 been single all my life because I don’t want to be with one who does wrong (cheat/adultery) like many do today. I want a marriage like my grandparents had, that’s why im patient. proverb: broad and spacious the path lead off into destruction many are going it, narrow the path leading to life and few are finding it. Lifes more important to me. I like to choose right, I notice a lot of people in American culture don’t have good marriages today, that’s why im looking for someone from another country or muslim culture that endure marriage. nice to meet you. my names GEZA =:)

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