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Here are a couple little indian ex girlfriend hotties. This girl in the blue shiny dress taking self pictures is just adorable, I think I have fallen in love! She’s exactly my spec! Looking about 19 or 20 years old, dressing classy and sexy at the same time, beautiful indian face. So lovely!

Here’s what the submitter has to say about these pics:
I attached some hot pictures of my friends, they are pretty hot. Sadly they are non-nude…but pretty hot nonetheless. They are all MUSLIM Bengali living in USA. And this friend usually dresses in a hijab in public.

BTW some pics are shit quality, because she took them on her phone.
And some of the pics are from another friend, she is a slut with nice big boobs.

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  1. Damn! This chick is soooo hot! Pity she’s my sister. Didn’t know she dresses like such a slut, she leaves home with a hijab!!
    But I don’t mind, I wanna fuck her bad!!

      • admin, do you really think thats his sister?? why would anyone say they wanna fuck his own sister?! this guy is just an idiot poser.

        • Dude, no I actually don’t think she’s really his sister. But I’m pretty sure in India they call other girls by nicknames like “auntie” and “sister” etc. Not really blood sisters I’d assume 🙂

  2. sum1thatknowsher on

    lolz wtf ! that slack whoever posted this up….
    n they dont live in usa lolz..

  3. iknowtherenames on

    If anyone wants their names let me know. they live in sydney and one of them really like guys. i can get numbers too for at leat one

  4. iknowtherenames on

    i know the girl in bra. she likes all guys of sydney. contact me for facebook names and can even get you number of that girl.