Cute 18 year old indian girlfriend pics


Requested to remove the pictures

These pictures were submitted today, of a really really cute 18 year old indian teenager from Faridabad, it’s the biggest city of northern India. Most of the girls there a speak Punjabi or Hindi. These are just some personal pictures of her hanging out with friends, posing for pictures, laughing, and just looking really sweet and cute.

Anamika submits her photos and says:
“hi admin, i am anamika s**** and i am from Faridabad. i doing B.A english hons from Faridabad. here are some of my pics . please please please post them on ur website. i want to be famous”

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  1. hey admin, please post anamika’a pictures back yaar. i saw her here and came back after long tym just to see her, but u removed her pics. please post them back

        • I can, only if Anamika and her bf (exbf) allow me to add the pictures again, so I’ll be waiting for them to allow it.