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  1. krishna black on

    Exceptionally beautiful young woman.If you maintain this standard of female,the model leila your site will go along way.On the other hand if you flood it with females that really shouldnt be posing at all like so much of the so called indian sex sites.You will lose the beauty of what you are trying to create.BE VERY VERY CAREFUL,DO NOT FLOOD THESE SITES WITH YOUNG WOMEN WHO SIMPLY DO NOT MAKE THE GRADE.No fatties.

  2. krishna, ok ok man, I’ll try my best to only post the hotties. And hopefully we’ll get more nude indian girls submissions too. So far we’ve gotten a lot and most are pretty hot, (lots are average too though, and a few uglies and fatties) but i’ll refrain from posting them chicks

  3. Dinesh Kumar Patel. on

    Helloo Dear. Your photo are very sexy and I love her nice and beautiful figure and I also like her butts and niple button s of flowers.I am a young Indian if you need help I help.

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  5. Aneel Kumar Mishra. on

    I am a young University going student.I have 4-6 girls friends and out of which four are muslims and they have made me physcial relation s and they are fully satisfied and always tries to made sex with me.I love her breast and also her shaved appartment which is looking for new tenants in her appartments (either cut or uncut)

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  7. You guys love Leila? Well guess what? I just found 3 new sets of her, pictures and videos! 🙂
    I’ll be posting them next week!

    Enjoy! More sexy Leila indian nude babe coming soon!

  8. Siyanda Mkhize on

    I am a black african boy from Durban South Afriva. I always had a fantasy fetish to look under a females dress. I think muslim females are the most beautiful in the world I work weekends at a hotel as a waiter delivering room-service meals . Recently an Indian actress from ‘bollywood’ india, Maliaka Khan came to our country and stayed for 2 days in the same hotel I work.

    She is grogeous and I have seen every of her films. She is also muslim and performed at a cricket tournament btwn SA and India. I think she was very sexy in her dance in the indian movie, ‘Dabaang’.

    Leila’s pics reminded me of what happened. I watched Leila’s pics in sequence of 2,4,6,7,8,9… I was looking at the gap of her dress btwn Leila’s leggs and imagining how nice it would be if I could enter the pic and be kneeling on the floor btween her legs looking under her dress at her panties. But when I saw pic 9,… I cundt believe that I instantly ejaculated as soon as I saw under her dress. I would have been content just seeing Leila’s panty, but can’t get over that she didn’t have her panty on. I still can’t stop looking at that pic, because it makes me cum each time… Just because I can see under her skirt btwn her legs, and moreso because she doesn’t have her panties on and her puss is showing.

    Thanks Leila, awesome tease. I also love pic 14. The one of you from behind. At first I cudnt download of view it. I cud only view pic 15. And I was zooming in btwn ur bum to try to see the opening of your bum. Again I hoped I cud enter the pic and get a better view. Eventually I managed to view pic 14 on the internet site on my high definition television. I again instantly got a cockstand when I saw your arsehole. And after zooming in directly as far as I cud zoom in on your arsehole, and especially because it was so clear,… I can’t again believe that without even touching or stroking my penis, my spermstarted squirting in my brief… Thanks Leila. We love you.

    Anyway, just to conclude my earlier story. I watched the gorgeous actress perform on tv the night of the show. I was working that evening and saw the stars return to the hotel. I took the order for her room and knocked on her room door. She was still wearing the same outfit she wore for the Dabaang song. She said she had to wear it again for a photoshoot she was preparing to attend. I left her meal on the table. She insisted on giving me a tip and squatted to open a bag next to the table. I couldn’t believe my eyes….

    When she squatted, I saw her legs tilted away from me and noticed her skirt in the front of her thighs, was covering over her knees, but the skirt behind her thighs was not tucked under her knees. Instead it hung straight down creating a huge gap btwn her legs. I quickly moved infront of her legs while she still searched for money to tip me. I am still shocked thinking abt what I saw.

    I saw clearly under her skirt. Her full panty was showing and I could see the slit of her vagina through it. She wore red lacey panties.

    I got a cockstand because I stared at it for so long.

    My luck got even better. She spilt her glass of juice and asked me to help clean it while she went to use the toilet.

    While I wiped the carpet, I heard her lift the toilet lid and the sound of the little bells draped at the bottom of her skirt, as I figured she had just lifted her dress to sit on the toilet.

    I saw a light shine out from the toilet and realized she hadn’t fully closed the toilet door.

    I was afraid to walk past and look in but slowly moved toward the toilet to peep through the gap that runs down at the hindge of the door. I was amazed at what followed.

    I watched her for at least 5 minutes.

    I could see her panty stretched btwn her ankles. Her skirt was hanging over her knees. Then I could hear her peeing. She pulled her skirt above her thighs while spreading her legs wide apart to wipe her vagina. After throwing the tissue inside the toilet, she continued to pee. The light in the toilet was so bright, I could clearly see her full naked puss. The slit of her puss was very dark in color but the inside was pink. I watched as she was peeing and for about a minute could see a golden shower of her piss pouring out from the opening of her piss hole. Her peehole was so big. I could also see the opening of her arsehole. And just when I thought it cudnt get any better,…. She started to make number 2…

    I amazement, I watched for 2 minutes as she made poop. I could clearly thick chunks of dark brown turds coming out of her arsehole. I was in shock at how wide the opening of her arsehole stretched while it came out…

    Then she wiped up and pulled her panty back up from her ankles to her waist… I moved back to wipe the carpet. She said she had to leave and that I must pull the door closed when I finish clean the carpet.

    Ok, I know this is weird, but after she left and I cleaned the carpet, I went inside the toilet and opened the toilet lid to look inside.

    I didn’t expect to see a thick unflushed chunk of her turd still floating inside.

    I don’t know what came over me… I picked up the turd with my fingers and brought it close to my nose to smell it… (I know, that’s disgusting)…

    But I guess, because I was so horny after all I saw,… and I felt my penis standing in my pants,… I responded without thinking, by putting it in my mouth and immediately started ejaculating while chewing on it and swallowing…

    That’s the first and LAST time I ever do something so disgusting…

  9. My word Siyanda, that is some confession. I must admit that as much as I am disappointed at how naughty you were, it actually turned me on.

    I have to ask though. I also reside in Durban South Africa. Coincidentally.

    What is up with black boys being so attracted to muslim girls. I myself am a teacher at a junior school. I teach grade sevens. There is a black student in my class who is also the brightest most intelligent student I ever taught. He comes from a well groomed wealthy family. Both his parents are medical surgeons.

    I used to see him looking at my legs in class whenever I wore skirts. Funny thing is they live opposite my house. My bedroom window and his bedroom window are within a few metres and at the same height. Recently I was changing in my room and didn’t realize my window curtain was open wide. It was in the afternoon just after returning from school. Earlier that day at school I saw him trying to look under my skirt while I sat at my desk and he at his.

    While I undressed in my room, I noticed him staring at me. I wanted him to watch because I saw him undress and stand naked at his window. I purposelt turned to him while he thought I could not see him, and I removed my shoes and stockings. I then undid removed my jersey and undid my blouse. I took my bra off and saw his cock get a stand while he looked at my breasts and nipples. I unzipped my skirt and dropped it to my feet before kicking it off. I saw him shake his cock and look at my panty. I walked up to my window and pulled my panty off. I spread my legs so that he had a view of my puss. Then I looked at him and said I was sorry that I didn’t see him there. I saw sperm shoot out of his cock.

    I was turned on to do that, because a few times before that day, I caught him opening his curtains and stand naked at his window while wanking until he came…

    You guys are naughty.

  10. Thank you Sandeep. I did not expect a response to my message but have to assume that you are also a perve. Do you have a story to tell?

    Strange though, I just yesterday did a naughty thing again. I have since moved residence and gratefully into a house. I have a garden too. Gardening though is something I am new to. So I employed the services of a gardener who works for a few other houses in the neighborhood. He happens to also work by-day for my husband at our grocery store. He packs the shelves. I have recently also seen that little pervert shit trying to peep under my dress when I worked the till.

    I became quite observant and noticed him wearing a short pants. At one point in time, I saw him squatting infront of me while addressing me. He made an excuse that he neededme to move my feet for him to wipe a stain on the floor at the foot of the stool I sat on. I could cut this experience short, but I feel it is neccessary to explain the way I noticed the events unfold. (It would make sense for you to understand why I eventually did what I did)

    Anyway, when I looked down at him and looked directly into his eye as I heard his reason for me to lift my feet, I saw him spread his legs apart and that’s when I first saw how short his shorts really were. As I turned away after lifting my feet, I kept a corner glance at him. He was still looking up at me, and I assumed he thought I couldn’t see him, but I caught an image of him place his hand between his inner thigh and stretch his shorts wide. He called out to me again to ask if the stain was clean enough. (Btw, there really ‘was’ a stain).

    When I looked down at him, I noticed he had stretched his shorts wide apart between his right inner thigh and groin area, to expose his brief. He had a white brief on and the buldge of his penis was quite clear. I turned away. Then I froze as he pulled my left leg apart and rested it on the stool-leg-rest, as he explained he didn’t want to accidentally mess my shoe with the wet cloth rag he used to wipe the floor. I realized my legs had been moved wide enough to prevent my thighs blocking any view under my dress. Then I noticed him move directly between my spread apart feet, and peep nervously between my legs. I assumed that at least my dress from above my upper thighs, hung between my thighs and covered my panty.

    But then, I looked down at noticed my dress had instead lifted more than half way up my thighs, and was straight and not hanging. I looked down at him and saw him staring directly between my thighs under my spread apart dress. I myself could see my panty from my angle, and figured that he could obviously as well.

    I looked at his brief again as he kept staring directly at my panty. I noticed the shape of his penis and what seemed like the head of his penis, became clear to me, because I saw his brief plasted against it tightly, revealing what obviously was the opening of his penis head tip. I was hoping it wasn’t, but lost all doubt, as I watching that area get wet. I was ironically not upset. Instead I was also amazed seeing it unfold. I knew he was getting excited from being able to see my panty. I knew that he got wet from seeing my panty, and that to, because he could see my panty so closely.

    Oh, incase you are wondering, yes!, it was the sight of my panty that turned him on. The reason I know is because when I first saw him peep under my dress, and knew that all he could see was my inner thigh, I didn’t see a reaction from him. But the moment I knew he had a view of my panty, I saw his brief get wet around the tip of his penis. And yes Sandeep, I knew he could see my panty, because my legs were wide enough to expose my panty.

    That being said, the little perve excuse himself just about the time I notice his erection beating slightly. I actually thought he was about to cum. But knew he didn’t want to yet. Because he left and said he needed to fecth more of the floor cleaning detergent. I saw him enter the mens toilets, (where we store all detergents)

    When he returned, I already had my legs closed together again. I again pretended to be engaged on reconciling the till, and allowed him to clean on. I looked down slowly, and saw him stare at my knee area, which I held together tightly. I was amazed at what I saw! His shorts was again stretched apart between his right inner thigh and groin area. But, he had removed his brief totally. I caught a glimpse of his white brief stuffed inside his shorts pocket and saw a little of his brief sticking out.

    I could also see his pubic hair showing between the gap of his thigh and groin. He called to me again after I noticed from a side glance that he was again placing his hand to his inner right thigh. When I looked, I was convinced that he wanted me to see his penis. His shorts was stretched more, and his penis was showing. I could see the head of his penis small, but showing and through the foreskin shrivelled around his small penis, I could see the opening of his penis hole very wet and distinctly largely open.

    I decided to play along and, knowing he wanted to see me look at his cock, I intentionally started at his cock instead of his eyes, as I spoke to him, asking if he was done cleaning the floor. I knew he could see me staring at his penis and noticed it grow within less than 10 seconds into a fully erect cockstand. He felt shy as soon as I noticed clear liquid leak down his penis and he quickly left to the males room again explaining he was done. As he walked hurriedly away, I saw liquid drop progressively more onto the floor path he walked toward the mens toilet. But it was not clear as the liquid I had seen coming out of the hole opening of his penis. It was whitish.

    He never returned and left the store after leaving the mens. It was home time anyway. I was home time anyway. I locked the store alone that day, but before I left, went up to the liquid I saw spill on the floor as he rushed off to the mens toilet. It felt thicker than water and when I smelt it, I was convinced it was his sperm. Offcourse I washed the floors off.

    So back to my point. Let me tell you what I did. I always wanted to know what it looks like when a male cums. I mean, I know, but, I always wanted to see how sperm comes out of the penis hole opening. My husband is too shy to show me. So I decided to set a trap on the worker from our store. Partially, that’s why I hired him as my gardener.

    I was home alone yesterday and chatted with him as he weeded the garden. By the way, his name is Bheki and is in the same class as my son Fardheen. They are both in grade 5 (standard 3) and both work at my husbands store for pocket money. They are cute kids. My son told me how naughty Bheki was in school and often covers for him being naughty in music class. I am their music teacher.

    So anyway, let me wrap up. I went up to Bheki and squatted in front of him and saw him try to peep between my knees. I turned to his side and opened my legs wide. In expected anticipation I saw him move accordingly and look under my dress. I knew he could see my panty. I also saw his penis get an erect cockstand and stick out through his shorts between his left thigh again and crotch area.

    I stood up and told him that I was going to shower but asked if he had seen any of my underwear on the washing line. He said no, looking confused. (It was part of my plan). I went on to explain that I only had one more panty to wear after my bath, (the panty I was wearing) and needed to wash it first before bathing so that it would dry (because I lied that someone had stolen all my washing from the washing line, including every other panty I had).

    I put my hand under my dress and pulled my panty down to my thigh and then down to my ankle and eventually lifted it out from both my feet. I saw his cock get longer as her watched me remove my panty in awe. But my dress covered all else. Then I pretened to make a call on my mobile and dropped it intentionally to the ground. I squatted with my legs turned to his side and retrieved the phone and pretended to make a call and speak. I had my phone switched off, because I didn’t want it to ring whilst I pretended to make the call.

    I saw him stare at my panty in my hand and then, intentionally spread my legs wide apart whilst my side faced him. I looked away as if not to notice him, but caught a corner glance as before, of him move to peep under my dress. I glanced down to my thighs and intentionally pulled my dress all the way up to my waist. I myself could see my uncovered naked private area clearly. I saw him reach full destination to peep between my legs and knew he could see my naked puss. It excited me more because I knew I wasn’t wearing panties and he could see all off the slit of my naked puss.

    I looked down at him and caught him staring directly at my puss. His cock was sticking out of his pants and throbbing. I told him to stop looking at my puss because I needed to pee. And as soon as he apologized for accidentally looking under my dress, I myself thought I was going to cum from excitement, but instead started to pee. As I pee’d, I looked at his penis. The vein under the full lenght of the shaft of his cock was swollen (obviously with his sperm).

    I was just about to close my legs, when I saw a squirt of his sperm land on my upper thigh. I stopped. He spread my thighs further apart and thrust his erection toward my private. When I looked down at my puss, I saw that the slit of my vagina was wide open and I myself could see a few centimtres inside my puss.

    But before I knew it, he ejaculated again saying “mam, I saw your puss!, mam I saw your puss!!!”

    And then he thrust his cock a mere centimetre from the opened hole of my vagina and sprayed with a large force, the rest of his sperm directly inside the hole of my puss. I could have pulled away, but didn’t. I waited until he fully ejaculated, and then left to shower. In my shower I was concerned, but didn’t mind much, that although I stretched the opening of my vagina wide to have his liquid come out, nothing came out.

    This morning, thank greatness, I had my period. While I stretched my puss open to insert my tampon, I was amazed how much of his sperm poured out from inside my puss. It kinda turned me on.

    I spoke to him after. He confessed his version and said he didn’t mean to cum inside my puss. I lifted my dress and pulled my panty down to expose my puss to him without shyness and showed him his sperm still leaking out down my thighs from inside my puss.

    He didn’t react. I didn’t tell him I have my periods. But from his scared reaction that he could have made me pregnant, I figured the exercise was well worth it. He will never perver again.

    So, anyway, I hope you are not the same. Let me know. I will tell you more if you confess first.

  11. Mpho Sipho Mfele on

    Leila I know I am only 18 years old. I did not want to comment on your pictures that’s why. But you must know I lost my virginity to you. I masturbated looking at your pictures and came after rubbing my cock on your puss. I wish to suck your puss and always cum when I imagining you sitting in the toilet in your pictures. I cum thinking you are urinating and I am open my mouth under you and drinking your piss. I cum most and got fully cockstanding when I seeing the picture of your arsehole in the last one. I am cum so much thinking you are making kaka and I open my mouth and eat your warm chunky fresh brown shit. I hope you like. Ok I go now to dream I eating your shit and shoot my sperm inside your puss.

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  13. You’re absolutely beautiful… I’ts realy refreshing to see a natural beauty anywhere on the internet… A real sight for sore eyes… 🙂

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  21. i want to read more stories from fazila.please write about more of your experience with black boys

  22. hey fazila
    i always used to imagine my wife as kinky as you.the first time i realized that she coulld be turned on by black guys was when i had a blue movie on and she was so highly aroused as this film had a black guy doing a white wife came with a screm while having sex with her.This aroused my suspicion.i use to watch her whenever the garden boy arrived she used to go outside without a bra and a night dress.she used to hang the clothes but always bent in the direction of the guy.She always get on better with them thean indian guys.One time at work a black guy came out and she spoke to him for a while.she told me that he had left the company and that is why she spoke to him That night while having sex i told her that i imagined that her being asked by this guy to go for a drive,as he wanted to show her his new car. as he drove he would gently put his hand on her knees. she would not know what to do but his hands would go higher.she would feel nervous but what the hell nobody is looking.she would then put her hands on his thigh and smile ,he would drive her to and isplated place and then by now she would unzip him.she would be wet and lustful by now.he would then put his hand in around her panty and she would pull pit his huge cock and start to feel it .as she holds it she would feel like putting it into her mouth so she gently places it to her lips .by now she is coming with me with a huge screm.whenever i have sex i place her in a sitation with a black and she has the best comes.if you reply motre stories

  23. leila your are not a muslim baby , a true muslim baby can’t did wat you have done now this is not islam i sweared ,so am advising you to remove leila from you name,you beach. And these peoples that are supporting you they don’t knw wat they are doing, bcos even them they would nt be happy when they see their mom,sister or aunty in this condition.And if any one of you lyk it please inform me nw?

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